“Photography is my way of expressing and sharing life’s beauty, stories and significance.”


I have always had an interest in photography and an appreciation for the arts. I was raised in Parenzo, a small seaside town on the beautiful Adriatic coastline. A place steeped in history, culture and nature that I loved to explore as a boy. From an early age, my experiences in nature were to become a large influence in my love and passion for the environment. 

My love for the arts has grown throughout the years, as has my creative interest in photography. Through photography, like other forms of art, we share our experiences, our thoughts and ideas. It is a beautiful way of seeing and telling others about life. 

Photography helps me to look at life more closely, to see the details in places that otherwise could be so easily missed. I am inspired by visiting new places and cultures, and still find incredible happiness from being out in the natural world. 

My style is a progressive, interpretive and artistic approach to image making. My images are derived from personal experiences, driven by an emotional engagement with the subject. They are an interpretation of what I feel rather than a literal representation of what I see. 

My aim is to create meaningful art that conveys a sense of beauty and story. I hope my images stir an emotional response to a place or a time that connects with the viewer, to make them see beyond the subject and into the essence of the image. 

Drawing on a previous career in leadership and a love for coaching, I also hope to support others to live a more creative life and inspire them to keep a positive attitude towards life and our environment.

I now reside in Melbourne, Australia. I am married to a special woman whom I love dearly, my beautiful mum is my hero, and our cute poodle reminds us that life should be fun and simple. 

If you would like to know more, or catch up for a chat over a coffee (or a hot chocolate), I would love to hear from you. You can also check out my Blog where I write about art and photography, creativity, and living a better life.

Thank you for reading.